About the Knights of Council 8659
We are a group of Catholic men, from all backgrounds, demographic groups, and different parish communities, bound together by our love for Jesus Christ, His Catholic Church, and our country.  We have answered the call  and have decided to "step in the breach" to proclaim the dignity of every person, and to defend that life from conception to death. We are a local brotherhood of men, connected to other men around the world, who strive to play a part in improving the world around us, one community at a time.  We stand together in faith, dedicated to upholding the principles we cherish - of charity, fraternity, unity and patriotism - through prayer, service, leading, learning, and protecting. Together we lend our support and strength to the New Evangelization to build up and defend our families, our parish, and our country. 
"(A) new apostolic moment is upon us at this time in the history of the Church. The Holy Spirit is bringing about what recent popes have termed the “New Evangelization.” By evangelization, we mean the sharing of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by all means available, such as preaching, teaching, witnessing a fruitful and faithful family life, living celibacy for the sake of God’s Kingdom, employing media and other arts placed at the service of the Gospel"
Bishop Thomas J. Olmstead, "Into The Breach"​​
Vivat Jesus
"Vivat Jesus. This phrase is the Latin motto of our Order and our Order’s official greeting. While many of us have heard those words spoken, or have seen them written, how many of us have given thought to what the phase actually means? How many of us have ever used the phrase? In English, Vivat Jesus translates to “Jesus Lives.”  The phase, just two words long, articulates something profoundly powerful..."

Vivat Jesus – a Timeless Call to Faith
Tony Slagle, Texas State Council Historian

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