"Teach me knowledge and good judgement, for I trust your commands."
                                                                                                                                    Proverbs 119:66           

Opportunity for Learning About Our Faith

For many Catholic men, our opportunity to learn about our faith is too often limited to what we glean from the homily at church on Sunday.  It is not rocket science to realize that one hour a week is probably not sufficent to counteract what we hear against our faith the other one hundred and sixty-eight hours of the week.  As we come to recognize more clearly the powerful and often subtle forces speaking against faith and the Church in society, sources of real knowledge and truth become critical. The Knights of Columbus strive to offer opportunites for us to learn more about what exactly the Catholic Church teaches and why. But remember, don't just get led to the water, you gotta drink!

Bible Quotes on Learning
Opportunities for Learning​​
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The Columbia Magazine

​​The Columbia is the free magazine produced by the Knights of Columbus that Knights receive every month. It is a excellent resource of articles that explore aspects of Catholic teaching that affect us as men, as well as activities of the Knights here in the U.S and around the world. If you get it, read it!

Building the Domestic Church

Building the Domestic Church is a recent initiative to help support fathers and families in their life at home and at work as Catholics. The Knights have produced an incredible wealth of resources and parish programs to guide and strengthen our families.  Check this out!

Into The Breach

This is a short "apostolic exhortation" written by Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix.  It is a 'call to arms' for Catholic men to "step into the breach" that has opened up in our society and is separating us from the path of Life.  We are called to step into that gap and come to the aid of our brothers and families. Check this powerful work out for yourself. 

Tuesday "Knights" Scripture Reflection 

Come join an informal group of Knights who come together to reflect on the Sunday Gospel reading on the First Tuesday of every month (prior to the Knights' monthly meeting) at 6pm at Fr. Krieg Hall of Sacred Heart Church.  

Saturday Morning Men's Bible Study

Come join an informal group open to all men (both Knights and non-Knights) that gathers to reflect on the Sunday readings every Saturday from 7:30am - 8:30am in Fr. Kreft Hall at Sacred Heart.  Come and discover the richness of the Sunday readings. 

Officer Formation

The process of learning to serve as an officer in the Knights is on-going. The Knights provide excellent face-to-face and web-based trainings.  We also learn by  just doing. The education we receive while serving in leadership roles in the council is subtle and easy to underestimate, but it can be a powerful tool to our growth as Catholic men. 

The Good of the Order

The Good of the Order is a short part of every monthly meeting of the Knights. It is a time to hear a short reflection by the Lecturer, designed both to educate us in some part of our Catholic faith, and to entertain.  It is a short 'kick-start' to help us begin the new month with a renewed focus on our faith.  If you don't already, try to attend the monthly meetings.

The Catechism

We should never forget this awesome resource we have as Catholics that allows us to delve into the rich Tradition and Teaching of the Catholic Church.  Going to consult the Catechism should become second nature to us when confronted by questions about "why do we do/believe that?"
"!Here is the man"
"At one striking moment of Jesus’ trial, Pontius Pilate, with all his worldly power, presented Jesus to the crowd with the words, Ecce homo – Latin meaning “Here is the man!” Thinking he was merely pointing to a man from Nazareth, he failed to recognize that he was pointing to God made man – the Word made flesh, Jesus of Nazareth – who at once is fully God and fully man, and the perfection of masculinity. Every moment of his life on earth is a revelation of the mystery of what it means to be man – that is, to be fully human and also, the model of masculinity. Nowhere else can we find the fullness of masculinity as we do in the Son of God. Only in Jesus Christ can we find the highest display of masculine virtue and strength that we need in our personal lives and in society itself."

Bishop Olmsted, Into The Breach