Why should you become a Knight?
It is no exageration to say that becoming a Knight of Columbus can transform your life.  It has been the case in the lives of countless men. As a Knight, you have a unique opportunity to grow and be supported in living a life of faith in Christ - with your family, in the parish, in your work place, and in the larger community.  We are truly a 'band of brothers,' a network of Catholic men in communities around the world dedicated to fulfilling the Gospel of loving God and our neighbor. 

What's the first step?
The best advice is always first, pray about it.  The fact that you are on this website is a good indication that you are looking for something to strengthen your relationship with God.  Trust  that God has brought you here for a reason. Next, take some action Get informed about what the Knights are about.  The information on this website is a good start.  But the best way, though, is to talk to a guy who is already a Knight.  You may have already received an invitation from a Knight.  Value that. God works through our neighbors.  You may just know a Knight in the parish. Talk to him about doubts or questions you might have.  If you don't know a Knight, call our Membership Director with the information below.  He can answer your questions or can direct you to someone who can.  Finally, trust God is working in your life. He will not give you a stone when you ask for bread!

Want to hear direct from our own Knights?

There is nothing better than hearing the reason to be a Knight from the guys that are living it.  Each guy is different.  Each guy came to the Knights by his own path. Each guy receives something different from being a member. But there is still something that bonds us together: a desire to serve God by serving others. Check these testimonies out. 
Hear the stories


Have more questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions section. Hopefully, this will help to answer some of your questions.  If not, contact us! 





* A unique "band of brothers"​​

* Shared values and the support to live out our Catholic faith more fully, with our families, in our jobs, and in our parishes. 

*The ability for our network to accomplish things together that we could not accomplish alone
* Support in helping our parishes with their needs.

* The help to meet the needs of those in our community with the strength of numbers.

*The opportunity to support charities that benefit people with intellectual disabilities, that cloth the naked and feed the hungry.

* The ability to aid victims of natural disasters and other catastrophic events, both local and worldwide.

*  A focus on defending the dignity of human life at all stages.
* Exclusive access to top-rated life insurance products, available only to members and their families.

* Your insurance agent is a Knight dedicated to helping his brother Knights protect their families. 

How to join or find out more?

Q. What are the basic requirements to be a Knight? 

A. They are pretty simple:​​

You have to be a man of 18 years of age as of your last birthday, and a Practical Catholic in communion with the Holy See.

​The "Practical Catholic in union with the Holy See" is one who, in general, tries to live his life according to the teachings of Christ and the Church, and strives to observe the commandments of God and of the Church.. For example, you should be attending Mass on Sundays, and participating in the Sacrament of Reconciliation at least once a year. 
Beyond this, what being a Knight involves is in many ways up to you. Depending on the amount of time you have, commit to the projects and programs that interest you and that you have time for.  Regardless, though can always know you have that essential support of your brother Knights.
Contact Our
Membership Director:
Sam Crowl

[email protected]
(248) 828-7481

Not sure if you make the cut?​​ Aware of things that may be 'out of order' in your life as a Catholic?  Interested in the Knights, but not a Catholic?

The best thing is to talk to a Knight.  Call our Membership Director and he can help answer your questions and guide you through the process. 
Want a quick review of the basics of our Catholic beliefs?