What does it mean to lead today?

To "lead" at times in our society can seem like a four letter word.  At times, our lives can seem so busy that it is not uncommon to find ourselves taking a step backwards when it comes to taking on responsiblity for a project or program. To say "I just don't have time" can be our first reaction. This can especially be the case when it comes to our faith and activity with church.  It is easy to see spiritual leadership in the church and parish, and even in our own families, as the priest's work, father's job.  When we do this, though, we miss a huge opportunity to grow in our faith as Catholic laymen. 

There is, in many ways, nothing that can bring more satisfaction than coming to know the blessings and the gifts we have been given by God when we put them into action for the good of his Church.  We often know the importance of our talents in the buisiness, work-a-day world - as cooks, carpenters, accountants, lawyers, programers, or engineers - but do we know their application in the our lives as Catholics? The Knights give us a great structure of leadership, and trainings for those roles, for us to discover and put into practice for God, our very unique blessings and gifts. 
"For just as we have many members in one body and all the members do not have the same function, so we, who are many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another."

                                                                         Romans 12:3-18


As of 2017, we are very fortunate to have an outstanding man currently serving as our Grand Knight.  Dan Heath brings his excellent leadership and organiztions skills, along with his unflinching commitment to bringing the Good News to the men and the families of our parishes. Dan has a particular passion for reaching  inactive Catholic  men and encouraging them to rediscover the  richness of their faith. 

Dan is a Senior Manufacturing Engineer with General Motors, and is an active parishioner and catechist at St. Thomas More in Troy, MI.  In his spare time he dotes on his grandchildren. 
  1. Dan Heath
    Dan Heath
    Grand Knight.
  2. Jayson Graves
    Jayson Graves
    1st Year Trustee
  3. Sean Sylvester
    Sean Sylvester
  4. Jerry Rowland
    Jerry Rowland
  5. Mike Zelinski
    Mike Zelinski
    2nd Yr. Trustee
  6. Matt Fuhrman
    Matt Fuhrman
    Financial Secretary


These are our current officers for Council 8659, sworn in to serve for 2018.  Please d
on't forget to pray for them!

Lord Jesus Christ, 
watch over those who are leaders in your Church.
Keep them faithful to their vocation 
and to the proclamation of your message. 
Teach them to recognize and interpret the signs of the times.
Strengthen them with the gifts of the Spirit, 
and help them to serve their subjects, 
especially the poor and lowly.
Give them a vivid sense of your presence in the world
and a knowledge of how to show it to others. 


  1. Randy Seever
    Randy Seever
    Deputy Grand Knight
  2. Sam Crowl
    Sam Crowl
  3. Aderli Pedroso
    Aderli Pedroso
    Outside Guard
  4. Charles Kemler
    Charles Kemler
  5. Lucio DeCamargo
    Lucio DeCamargo
    Inside Guard
  6. Barry Dhoerty
    Barry Dhoerty
  1. Tom Del Pup
    Tom Del Pup
  2. Lee Weiss
    Lee Weiss
    3rd Yr. Trustee